Listen, I know the journey to a healthier way of life doesn't always seem easy. There's a million reasons why it's difficult. Time. Money. Motivation.

But,I am telling you that there are a million more reasons why you are absolutely capable of remarkable change in your life, and realizing this is a game changer. 

The Make it Happen Project is an opportunity to feel better, to 

    move better, and to live better. 


I'm just starting out in my journey to better health, and I'm nervous the classes will be too tough for me. Does my exercise level matter?

Nope. Classes at The Make it Happen Project are structured to fit your fitness needs whatever they are right now. Brand new to exercise? Awesome. Fitness buff? Also awesome. 

I live out of town and can't make it in for the Make it Happen classes. Is there a way I can still get coaching?

Yes. Online coaching may be a great fit for you. Check out the COACHING page, send an email, and let's talk about your options. 





My true passion is in helping people help

themselves, & when you're ready to make

your best health happen,

I'll be in your corner.        



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Mon-Fri 7am-1am EST, Sat 7am-11:30pm EST, 
Sun 9am-10pm EST

Upcoming Make it Happen Classes:

May 2017

Tuesdays        |  6:30am    -   Open Gym

Wednesdays   |  8pm        -   Sweat & Stretch

Fridays           |   5:30pm   -   Open Gym

Fridays           |   7pm        -   Make it Happen

Classes fill quickly. Be in touch to register! 

The time 

for change in your life  is now