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Sun 9am-10pm EST

A new fan fave! The first half of our Sweat & Stretch class is exercise based, similar to the style of the original Make it Happen class. Expect a shorter but still sweaty workout. The 2nd half of class has a restorative focus: think stretching, meditation, foam rolling, mindfulness, nutrition, breathing….all things to help us live healthier, more mindful lives. 

These large group classes are where The Make it Happen Project first got its start! Join a team of wonderful human beings all looking to better themselves through exercise. Class is full of all sorts of bodies, abilities, and personalities, and has become a hub of people all in support of each other's goals. This class is entirely work at your own pace, and includes weekly challenges, workouts homework to keep you on track between classes, and an overall feel good vibe.Fitness junkie? Awesome. Brand new to exercise? Also awesome. Be ready for some high-energy fitness fun. 

The Original Make it Happen Class

Open Gym at The Make it Happen Project allows you the opportunity to work a bit more independently. A workout is designed for you ahead of time. At the beginning of class, I’ll walk you through that day’s workout format and get you comfortable with the movements. From there, you’ll complete the workout, almost entirely on your own. I am in the studio with you for the full duration of class, and will sometimes join in working up a sweat with you. This class uses slightly more difficult movements, including use of cable systems, squat racks etc. You’ll arrive to class early enough to complete a full warm-up prior to the class start time. A great class for the self-motivated exerciser. 



Sweat & Stretch

Whatever your fitness goals, the Make it Happen Project is your get-sweaty headquarters.

Take a read below, and when you're ready to make amazing things happen, there's a spot for you in class!

Open Gym

Frequency:  1 x Week
Class Capacity: 18
Level: No experience required. Especially great for beginner exercisers, & for those seeking way to slow down/de-stress.
Cost: $90 Six Weeks

Current Offerings: Thursdays 6:30pm  | Wednesdays 8pm

Frequency:  1 x Week
Class Capacity: 10
Level: Some experience required.
Cost: $120 Six Weeks
Current Offerings: Friday 4:30pm  | Sundays 11:15am

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Frequency:  1 x Week
Class Capacity: 18
Level: No experience required.
Cost: $90 Six Weeks
Current Offerings: Wednesdays 5:30pm  |  Fridays 7pm  |  Sundays 10am