Training Frequency:  1-3 x / Week

Probably our favourite group training of all! All summer long you'll find us on the beautiful beach of Port Stanley. Sweat, sand, and sometimes even suds post-workout. This is really amazing way to connect with your body and with nature. Be in touch for more details. 


Make it Happen: Beach Classes

Make it Happen: Private Coaching

Cost: From $150+hst/month

Have some pals with similar goals? Small group training is a great way to work up a sweat, and allows for a more hands approach with nailing down proper movement patterns and lifting technique. Plus, working up a sweat is way more fun with friends. 

Cost: From $150/person        

Cost: $15/session      Drop-In

Cost: $65 / session + hst

I'm a big advocate of the human connection, but sometimes connecting in person isn't possible. Online coaching can offer you the support you need without you actually being here in the studio. You'll need a bit of self-discipline to get through your workouts on your own, good communication skills, and a regular internet connection. 

Training Frequency:  1 x week      6 Weeks

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LOCATION: 100 Wharncliffe Road South | London ON

Cost: $90        6 Weeks

Private coaching is where it's at if you're in search of an action to get you moving toward your goals for a healthier life. Nutrition is a big piece of the puzzle when it comes to feeling and moving better, and private coaching allows for a personalized approach in getting you fit both in the gym and the kitchen. 


Training Frequency:  1 x week. Be in touch for current class dates and times

Make it Happen: Large Group Training

Mon-Fri 7am-1am EST, Sat 7am-11:30pm EST, 
Sun 9am-10pm EST

Make it Happen: Small Group Training

Make it Happen: Online Coaching

LOCATION: 100 Wharncliffe Road South | London ON

LOCATION: 100 Wharncliffe Road South | London ON

Our large group training program is where The Make it Happen Project all started. Join a team of wonderful human beings all looking to better themselves through exercise. Class is full of all sorts of bodies, abilities, and personalities, and has become a hub of people all in support of each other's goals. Regardless of where you are in journey to better health, you'll work up the right amount of sweat for where you're hoping to go. This program includes weekly challenges, workouts guidelines to keep you on track between sessions, and an overall feel good vibe.